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Plants as Gifts - The best choice for your kids birthday party return gifts

Plants as Gifts - The best choice for your kids birthday party return gifts

Plants as Gifts

Since our childhood, we were told by our guardians about the importance of plants and trees. But the main question is that if you ever take the time to think about it for a while, why are we always reminded about the importance of plants? Or why are people encouraged so much to plant a tree or told to plant a tree on their birthdays or even when a person dies? Well in this article we try to explain everything to you and the best reasons to give plants to people as gifts!


Do you know the fact that every year between 4 to 7 billion trees are cut down by the people for their needs? And only Approx. 2 Billion are planted every year. As you can see there’s a huge gap, right? Trees and plants are a very important or we can say crucial factor for the survival of the human and all the life forms. So why are people cutting them? The reason is simple due to some economic needs or in some regions, people need to stock woods for their daily survival. While some of them are lost due to natural causes i.e landslides, forest fires, deforestation, etc.


Now we have to take responsibility and make sure that the future of our next upcoming generation will not be in any kind of danger. So to bring changes in the present scenario we need to start with a new approach and make other people around us aware of the same facts. One of the best ways to do so is to share some of the responsibility and make everyone a part of it as well. The best way to achieve this is to give them a plant.






Table of Contents


  1. Why plants are good as a gift?
  2. What does gifting a plant actually means?
  3. Why people prefer buying plants online?
  4. What’s the Best Plant to Give?


Why plants are good as a gift?


As we mentioned earlier, it is necessary to spread awareness among the people and we have to start with the people around us or who are close to us. In this way, we can spread the word around the world and raise more and more awareness amongst people. By giving them a plant as a gift we can show our thankfulness and our trust to the person that they are responsible enough to take care of it. This gesture teaches them to be more responsible towards something that they are trusted with.


Moreover, live plants are a unique and thoughtful gift that you can give on all kinds of occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, etc. Gifting plants to our loved ones is also very appealing. It shows our love and affection towards them as they are a long-lasting gift. Another good reason behind gifting plants is, it makes people more responsible as they take care of them. Although If a person has never tried gardening, you are doing them a favor in helping them start a new relaxing hobby.


What does gifting a plant actually means?

Gifting a plant to someone helps express many emotions and has various benefits. Here are few reasons to gift plants :

  • Good For Health -We usually avoid going out in these rough times and also most people start feeling confined. So regardless of these facts, when people step out the pollution will eventually rise, making it even worse for us to go out for a daily walk. When we bring even a small plant in our homes or office it will make the air around it fresh and relaxing for the people to inhale. So having a small plant on your office desk can make you feel relaxed and fresh. As you gift someone a plant to wish for their good health and peace of mind.


  • Sustainable -Considering all the benefits of the plant, they are suitable to give as a gift on any occasion to anyone. So If you want to give a plant to someone then you can give it with something else. For instance, you can give a gift to your best friend, a book that they like, or give it to a plant. This could be a perfect match for it or you can give it with anything else you think will be okay. Plants are considered to be the most perfect gift as you can give them to anyone on any occasion. You just make sure that they know who a person will take responsibility for the plant.


  • Unique Idea -As most people may not think of giving a plant as a gift and maybe only you have given a thought, then what are you waiting for for? just go ahead and buy one. A small plant is a unique gift for your loved ones, your friends, or maybe to your family members. Considering all the facts and benefits plants are one of the most beautiful and unique gifts you can ever give to anyone.


  • Sophisticated gift -Indoor plants like money plants, Snake Plant, and Dracaena Gold Star plants give a lot of sophisticated and aesthetic vibes to your home and office environment. They are good for the decoration of the homes. Moreover, the plants play an important role in building the positive aura around us or the workspace as they give good vibes too. Also, people just love those cute little plants on their homes and office desks.


  • Plants are pocket-friendly gifts -Sometimes buying a gift for someone might cause a hole in your pocket and you don’t even have any idea about a perfect gift then you can just buy a small plant and gift it. And just believe our words and after some time you will realize how great of a gift it would be when nurtured and taken proper care of by someone.


  • Used for Home gardening -Now just imagine gifting your close ones a small plant and after some months you get to know he/she sets up his little home garden. How amazing it would be for you. It's good for the environment as well as their health and you may also notice the new changes that occur in their behavior.

Why people prefer buying plants online?

Purchasing plants online has several benefits provided to the buyer.


  • It allows the buyers to get their product from anywhere at the comfort of their home. They do not need to visit the stores to buy plants. Everything can be done with only the click of a mouse. All they have to do is log in to and make the purchase according to your choice.
  • Buyers are open to hundreds and thousands of plants, Pots, and other gardening tools. They only need to browse through the collection and different pages to pick the ones suitable for them.
  • Moreover the buyers get the chance to get discount coupons and offers on plants. 







What’s the Best Plant to Give?


1) SUCCULENTS:- Succulent plants are said to store water in their leaves and stems as they are adapted to water storage. Succulents are grown as ornamental plants because of their astonishing and unique appearance. The habitats of these water-sustaining plants are often in high-temperature areas and low rainfall conditions. They can bloom on a limited amount of water sources, which leads them to survive in an ecosystem with deficient water sources.




  • Succulents are reasonably inexpensive
  • Succulents come in an astounding variety. Some are leafy and subtle, others are plump and round. Also, some succulents are scrappy, flossy, and even multicolored.
  • They are considered the most decorative species in plants, and hence are wonderful for gifting purposes.

2) BROMELIADS:- Bromeliad is the name of an incredibly diverse family of plants. Bromeliads are great indoor houseplants. Although they have few needs and very few pests problems. But with the proper care, you can enjoy bromeliads in your home or office area for years. They usually grow in shady forests. Therefore bromeliads are adapted for humid, wet, and shady climates. So if you live in an area that will not have a freezing temperature, you can also plant your bromeliad outside. Moreover, you want the bromeliads to appear as part of your landscaping, just dig a hole and bury it.


Following are a few easy steps to take care of bromeliads.

  • Maintain optimal humidity around the area
  • Provide them bright indirect light or partial sunlight
  • Keep air flowing around them
  • Always make sure to keep them moist but not soggy
  • Provide your bromeliads adequate drainage
  • Fertilize them with organic fertilizers casually





3) AIR PURIFIERS:- As we are living in an energy-efficient era and modern buildings can have unintended side effects such as less airflow and bad quality of air. Although the lack of airflow allows indoor air pollution to build up and cause health issues like asthma or sick building syndrome. Air purifier plants can absorb common toxins that are present in the air, especially in enclosed spaces with little airflow. In early times some studies showed that plants do absorb VOCs (volatile organic carbons), such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, xylene, and ammonia.




  • These are cost-effective
  • Improves air quality.
  • Purifies the air around us.
  • Improves our health.
  • Reduce stress levels and fatigue.





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Planning for birthday return gift
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