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Aglaonema Snow White Plant - 5 Inch Nursery Pot

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Aglaonema snow white is considered to be one of the best indoor colorful foliage plants that can fill your home with greenery and happiness. This is a low-maintenance plant that requires lower light conditions. You can also attach a customized message with this.

What makes it special:

  • NASA recommended this plant as the best air purifier.
  • Best plant for AC rooms, office desk, and meeting rooms.
  • It’s a zero maintenance and evergreen plant.
  • Best indoor plant with colorful foliage leaves.

The botanical name of the Aglaonema snow white is “Aglaonema commutatum”. It has been cultivated as culinary and medicinal herbs, hence called a genus of Asia.

The Aglaonema snow white plant is considered the ideal plant for homes, offices, and other public areas as they can grow in low maintenance and require only low light conditions for their growth. 

Plant Specifications:-

Plant Height 11 inches (28 cm)

Plant Spread 6 inches (15 cm)

Maximum  Plant Height up to 1.21 meter (121 cm)

Black Round Plastic Pot 5 inches (13 cm)

Planting And Care:-


  • The indirect natural light /bright artificial light is good for the better growth of the Aglaonema snow white.


  • Please always check the soil of the plant is well-drained and fertile.


  • Apply 1 cup of water when the upper layer of the soil in the pot feels dry.
  • Do not overwater the plant.


  • It requires temperatures below 65ºF.


  • When the Aglaonema snow white outgrows the pot, make sure to re-pot it carefully.
  • Make sure to choose a pot larger than the previous one.

Application of Fertilizer

  • Before applying any kind of fertilizer make sure the topsoil of the pot is loosened and does not disturb the roots of the plant.
  • Always apply water to the port immediately after the application of fertilizer.

Plant Protection

  • Remove any dead, infected, or damaged parts of the plant and discard them away.
  • For any disease or insect attack, you can use “Neem oil”, Eucalyptus oil, or Citrus oil spray for usual treatment.


  • Do not overdo the watering especially when the pot does not have any drainage holes in it.
  • Keep the plant away from the AC vents.

Aglaonema snow white Special Feature

  • It is very easy to grow and is considered the best houseplant.

Aglaonema snow white Uses

  • It has beautiful variegated leaves and can be used for landscaping gardening.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Aglaonema snow white an indoor plant?

Yes, The Aglaonema snow white is an indoor plant that requires low light conditions.

  1. Is Aglaonema snow white an air purifier?

Yes, According to NASA research the Aglaonema snow white is an indoor air purifier.

  1. Can the Aglaonema plant grow in water?

The Aglaonema plant can be grown in water but it needs to be trained from its propagation time.

  1. Is Aglaonema snow white poisonous?

Yes, Due to the presence of calcium oxalate crystals Aglaonema snow white is considered to be a poisonous plant.

  1. How big do Aglaonema plants can grow?

The Aglaonema plants are slow growers and can reach up to a maximum height of 4 feet.

  1. Can Aglaonema snow white be planted outside?

The Aglaonema plants should be protected from direct sunlight as they are prone to hot temperatures. So they are recommended for the indoor location. 

  1. Do Aglaonema flower?

Yes, The Aglaonema snow white is a flowering plant and blooms in springtime as well as in summer(April-June).

  1. Does aglaonema need sunlight?

The aglaonema plant can only receive indirect/artificial light as direct sunlight can scorch its leaves.

  1. How often do you water aglaonema?

You can water aglaonema every 7-9 days in the summer months & every 2-3 weeks in winter.

  1. What is the best soil for Aglaonema?

A peat-based potting & well-drained soil with a range of 5.6-6.5 pH is recommended for better growth of aglaonema.

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