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Aralia White in 5 inch Nursery Pot

Aralia White in 5 inch Nursery Pot

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Aralia White Plant is a common, annual flowering plant native to Australia and the South Pacific. This plant is the only member of the Araliaceae family. The plant's name is derived from the Latin word "albus" which means "white." It is also known as "white tree" or "silver tree." Aralia White Plant is a perennial plant that is typically about three feet tall. The plant's leaves are in opposite pairs and arranged alternately on the stem. The flowers are yellow, white, or cream-colored and consist of five sepals and five petals. They are produced in clusters on the stem and are mostly located at the top of the stem. The leaves of this plant are typically long and oval in shape with an uneven edge. They are green and glossy in appearance. The leaves grow in pairs with one leaf on each side of the stem.

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