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Best Vertical Garden to Spread Positivity, Prosperity & Good Luck

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This will act as an anti-radiator & reduce stress and anxiety 

Why do you need Vertical Garden?

In reality, both inside and outside of buildings, vertical gardens improve air quality. You probably already know that plants naturally filter the air, absorb harmful chemicals, and control dust. Additionally, green walls are excellent sound insulators, which is extremely beneficial in urban areas where a vertical garden can lower noise by up to 40 decibels.

They remove the oxygen we require by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the air. Vertical gardens help to produce a clean, healthy environment that enhances people's overall health and productivity by acting as natural air filters.


This vertical garden product is assembled for immediate use within a limited space in metropolitan cities. This pack consists of  18 healthy plants + 18 vertical garden pots + 6 frames.


Create your green walls (vertical garden) anywhere in no time at your home

  • Dimension of 1 frame (approx.): 1.5 ft by 6 inch
  • The area covered by 6 frames in this product is 4.5 sqft. (approx.)
  • You can easily increase the area of your vertical garden at any time, or any size by adding more frames, and Pots.


For the vertical garden, you will receive mature, young, and living plants.

You receive pre-planted plants as part of this set.

The construction of living green walls will boost productivity, pleasure, and energy while also assisting in stress reduction.

Combo Constituents

Sr No

Item name



Name of Plant - Money Plant


Size of Pots-Vertical Garden Square Plastic Pot (Black)



Frame dimension (1.5 to 0.5 Ft


Special Feature
Since the plants are already potted in this set, installing, removing, and changing the individual pots couldn't be simpler. Just find the ideal location and design your own vertical garden.
A guaranteed approach to improve the aesthetics and air quality of your home is to install living green walls. These living walls of green, a new trend in horticulture, are coming to life inside homes, in hotel lobbies, corporate reception areas, and everywhere else that gets bright indirect light. 

Greenery helps a location become more eco-friendly while also improving its aesthetic appeal. You can significantly reduce your need for cooling expenses like air conditioning by covering adequate wall space with a live green wall. Humans who reside in locations with richer biodiversity also claim to be happy, and studies have even demonstrated that the color green fosters creativity.

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