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The area is up to 50 sq ft


(i) One-time cleaning of Kyaris within the premises. 

(ii) Time to be given 1 hr


(i) Doesn't include anything that needs to be purchased from outside. 

(ii) Electricity and Electricity availability must be at the site 


  • What is cleaning Kyari?
  • Cleaning of Kyari means 

  •  Why is the cleaning of kyari essential?
  • Cleaning of kyari is essential for a variety of reasons such as removing all undesirable plants and weeds, minimizing the competition of plants with weeds for nutrients, light, and space, and increasing overall plant production. 

  • How much area and time this service will take?
    1. This service will cover an area of up to 50 sq ft and will take approximately one hour.
  •  Does it necessary to clean your Kyari frequently?
  • Yes, if you are not cleaning your Kyari at regular intervals then there will be no difference between a kyari and a Jungle

  • Does this service provide multiple services?
  • No, this service is only for one time. However, you're always welcome to call our gardener again.

  • Does this service include planting, transplanting, and application of fertilizer and manure?
  • No, this service doesn’t include anything like that. However, you're always welcome to call our highly trained and specialist gardener for any of the above-mentioned purposes.

  • Does this service include seedbed preparation?
  •  No, this service doesn’t include seedbed preparation. 

  • What equipment a Gardener is supposed to carry?
  • A Gardener is supposed to carry a Khurpi and Fawda. 

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