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CREEPERS MANAGEMENT (Gardener on call)

CREEPERS MANAGEMENT (Gardener on call)

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Product details


Managing the Creepers and stringing them.


(iii) Approx Time 1 hour


(i) Supporting Stick/plant/stuff for creepers. 

(ii) Not liable for any kind of damage during operation including creepers, plant, and pots


  • How large of a garden this service will go to be covered?
  • This service will cover up to 200 ft in height and takes approximately one hour to complete. 

  •  Does this include water?
  • No, this service doesn’t include water and it is the customer's responsibility to provide neat and clean water to the gardener at the site with ease of availability.  

  •  Does this service include pots and garden soil?
  • No, this service doesn’t include anything like that.

  •  Does this service include supporting stuff for creepers?
  • No, the same is not the part of service.

  •  Does the gardener be liable for future damages to the pot/plant?
  • No, the gardener won’t be liable for any future damage. 

  •  Does this service provide multiple services?
  • No, this service is only for one time. However, you're always welcome to call our gardener again.

  •  Does this service include the application of fertilizer, manure, and medicine?
  • No, this service doesn’t include anything like that. However, you're always welcome to call our highly trained and specialist gardener for any of the above-mentioned purposes.

  •  What equipment a Gardener is supposed to carry?
  • A Gardener is not supposed to carry anything. Everything has to be provided by the customer. However, you are always welcome to choose supporting staff at extra cost.

  •  Does this service provide inter-building and intra-building creepers management?
  • No, however, may be subjected to the conditions and situations of creepers.

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