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GENERAL GARDENER (Gardener on call)

GENERAL GARDENER (Gardener on call)

per piece

Product details

Charges- ₹ 299/Hour



Get any work done by the Gardener on the basis of the amount of time spent by the same 


All the basic garden work


(i) Anything that needs to be purchased from outside

(ii) Mind the human capacity


  •  How large of a garden this service will go to cover?
  • This depends on your garden as our gardener would charge you on a time basis. 

  •  Does this include water?
  • No, this service doesn’t include water and it is the customer's responsibility to provide neat and clean water to the gardener at the site with ease of availability.  

  •  Does this service include pots and garden soil?
  • No, this service doesn’t include anything like that.

  •  Does the gardener be liable for future damages to the pot/plant?
  • No, the gardener won’t be liable for any future damage. 

  •  Does this service provide multiple services?
  • No, this service is only for one time. However, you're always welcome to call our gardener again.

  •  Does this service include the application of fertilizer, manure, and medicine?
  • Yes, you can choose any of the operations related to gardening.  

  •  What equipment a Gardener is supposed to carry?
  • A gardener is not supposed to carry basic gardening tools only on prior information. anything. Everything has to be provided by the customer. 

  •  Does this provide inter-building and intra-building services for gardeners?
  • No, however, may be subjected to the condition and situation of that time

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