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Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting

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  • Cutting of grass up to 100 sq ft


  • One-time cutting of grass and of the lawn area. 
  • Manual weeding of major weeds in the area
  • Approximate time 1-hour


  • No material will be supplied by the Service Professional except for tools & tackles required for performing the job
  • A manual Grass Cutting machine will be brought by the Professional
  • In case the customer wishes to get the cutting done by electric
  • Electricity and Electricity availability must be at the site


Q. Why is Grass cutting essential?

Grass cutting is essential to prevent the conversion of the well-established garden area into a wild area and to remove all the undesirable weeds and plants as well as to maintain the aesthetics of the area.

Q. How much time gap is required between two cuttings of the lawn grass?

It depends on many factors like type, quality of grass, and the cutting size of the previous cutting. However, usually, we should maintain a gap of 20-30 days between two cuttings.

Q How much area and time this service will take?

This service will cover an area of 100 sq ft and will take approximately one hour.

Q. Does this service include leveling of lawn 

 No, the same is not the part of service.

Q. Does this cutting provide post-cutting management?

No, this service doesn’t provide post-grass-cutting management. However, the gardener is supposed to manage the waste of grass cutting.

Q. What equipment a Gardener is supposed to carry?

A Gardener is supposed to carry a mechanical lawn mower. However, you can choose the electric lawn mower (At an extra cost). 


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