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Guldavari White-6 inch Nursery Pot

Guldavari White-6 inch Nursery Pot

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The White flowers and vibrant green leaves of the Guldavari/Chrysanthemum are a familiar sight in gardens around the world. With its botanical name, "Chrysanthemum coronarium", this perennial flower has been in cultivation for centuries. The plant's scientific name, "Chrysanthemum coronarium" was derived from the Greek words, "chrysos" meaning "gold" and "anthos" meaning "flower." In addition to its gold color, the flowers are also noted for their distinctive shape and markings. Known as the "Queen of the Flowers," the Chrysanthemum has long been a staple in Chinese culture and has been used as a traditional symbol of longevity. The flower's use in the West has also expanded in recent years, as the blooms are used to make everything from floral arrangements to desserts.

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