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Up to 20 Plants


(i) Giving Medicines to the plants. 

(ii) Please note medicines are not included in this


(i) Medicines are not the same.

(ii) Customers have to arrange the medicines themselves on time. 

(iii) Not liable for future damage due to medicines 


  • Why is medicine application essential to plants?
  • Plant as living thing needs equal care as humans against any microbial infection, insect threat, and physiological disorder.

  •  How large of a garden this service will go to be covered?
  • Well, it depends on the nature and the maintenance quality of your garden. However, this service will cover up to 200 sq ft of area and takes approximately one hour to complete. 

  •  Does it necessary to apply medicine to your garden frequently?
  • Yes, if you are not applying medicine to your vegetable/kitchen garden at regular intervals then your garden would be a harbor for pests and won’t be able to survive and complete its life cycle. This may also adversely impact your neighbor's garden.

  •  How frequently do I need to apply medicine to the plant?
  • It depends on the quality and nature of your garden. However, it usually takes 15 to 27 days for a repeat.

  •  Does this include water?
  • No, this service doesn’t include water and it is the customer's responsibility to provide neat and clean water to the gardener at the site with ease of availability.  

  •  Does the gardener be liable for future damages to plants due to pests?
  • No, the gardener won’t be liable for any future damage.

  •  Does this service provide multiple services?
  • No, this service is only for one time. However, you're always welcome to call our gardener again.

  •  Does this service include planting, transplanting, and application of fertilizer and manure?
  • No, this service doesn’t include anything like that. However, you're always welcome to call our highly trained and specialist gardener for any of the above-mentioned purposes.

  •  What equipment a Gardener is supposed to carry?
  • A Gardener is supposed to carry only a hand sprayer on the prior information, except that everything has to be provided by the customer. 

  •  Does this service provide inter-building and intra-building medicine applications?
  • No, this service provides medicine application to plants/gardens at the same Flore/ Same building.

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